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Czech Republic - 3x5' National Flag

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The Czech flag is a horizontal bicolor with a blue triangle on the left side. The used colors in the flag are blue, red, white. The proportion of the Czech flag. The Flag of the Czech Republic was adopted. The first use of the current flag design. The last change to the current Czech flag design was in 1920. The Czech Republic was originally the Kingdom of Bohemia that lasted for over seven centuries, firstly as a member of the Holy Roman Empire, and then the Austrian Empire, and finally the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The flag gets its red and white colors from the ancient Coat of Arms of Bohemia, however, it was almost identical to the Polish flag and contained the same colors as the Austrian flag. At the end of World War I, Austria-Hungary was dismantled. US President Woodrow Wilson’s demanded the autonomy (and later independence) of Austro-Hungarian states. Consequently, the state of Czechoslovakia, incorporating the lands of Bohemia and with Prague as its capital, was born. In 1920 the blue wedge was added to make it different from the Polish flag. Its size will be 3×5.

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