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European Union - 3x5' National Flag

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The flag of Europe or the European flag is an official symbol used by two separate organizations, the Council of Europe – as a symbol representing Europe, and the European Union. It consists of a circle of twelve five-pointed golden stars on a blue field. Displaying the flag of the European Union has become common in Finland in recent years. There are no national provisions concerning its use through the Ministry of the Interior that recommend that it should be flown alongside the Finnish national flag on appropriate occasions (for example, on Europe Day, 9 May). The two flags should always be flown on separate flagpoles. The flag of the European Union can be flown on EU-related occasions or if the Union issues a joint recommendation on the matter. Otherwise, the flag is usually displayed during visits of EU dignitaries or conferences with participants from EU institutions or the Member States. This 3×5 flag is an easy setup with a double stitching design and two grommets on the left side.

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