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Illinois - 3x5' State Flag

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The Illinois 3’X5′ State Flag features the Great Seal of Illinois, which has multiple colors including brown, red, blue, green, yellow and blue. This seal is on a white background. Below the seal, the state’s name is printed in blue letters. The flag of Illinois features the state’s official seal—the Great Seal of Illinois. The state’s seal was based upon the design of the seal of the United States. It features an eagle with a banner that has the state’s motto: State Sovereignty, National Union. It also features the date of 1818, which is when Illinois became a state. The date of 1868 is also on the seal, which designates the year of the redesign of the Great Seal. The word “Illinois” is printed below the seal, and this makes up the entirety of the Illinois state flag. Two metal grommets on the left side of the flag allow for easy mounting to various locations both inside and outside your business, home, or special event.

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