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***OUT OF STOCK***Now Renting (Yellow/Red) - Super Novo Flag

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Renting has gotten a magnificent option for costumer since it permits them the convenience of a spot or thing without the pressure of looking after ownership. Command the notice of future leaseholders with these brilliantly shaded red and yellow Now Renting signs and show them why your background has the right to be their all-in-one resource! This swooper accompanies a custom pole(Sold Separately) that is intended to keep illustrations noticeable in any event, when conditions are blustery. This Half Sleeve Now Renting feather flag that advertises land is ideal for before apartment buildings or even houses. This swooper works best when deliberately situated close to the street to command the notice of numerous expected clients! This printed message flag is easy to read from afar and will guarantee that apartment seeker will be drawn into an establishment. This open-air-for lease feather flag, otherwise called a message banner, stands 12 feet tall. In a serious housing market, this signage will separate a high rise.

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