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Sicily - 3x5' National Flag

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The flag of Sicily shows a triskeles symbol (a figure of three legs arranged in rotational symmetry) and at its centre a Gorgoneion (depiction of the head of Medusa) and a pair of wings and three wheat ears. The diagonal division in red and yellow goes back to 1943 when it was used by the separatist movement led by Andrea Finocchiaro Aprile.
The addition of a pair of wings to the head of the Gorgon is modern (1848), the three ears of corn were added in the 1940s. This Sicily 3’X5′ World Flag is made of a high quality polyester material, our Dura-Poly™ Kosovo flag measures 3′ x 5′ and includes vivid colors and an accurate design. Screen-printed on a durable 150 denier shiny polyester material and finished with a double stitched hem, this flag features a white fabric header with two brass grommets on the 3′ side for easy display. The flag is best used indoors but can withstand occasional outdoor use. The authentic design is based on information from official sources.

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